Thursday, April 8, 2010

The One With the Sunflowers and the Bras

We made some more cupcakes for a bake sale for Relay for Life.
We used chocolate cupcakes, Oreos, green and yellow frosting to create the sunflower cupcakes.

Since it was for Relay for Life, we also tried our hand at creating some cupcake pairs to resemble bras. Can you tell?

I made flesh colored frosting using 8 drops yellow food coloring, 6 drops red, and 2 drops green mixed separately. Then, I added the mixed food coloring a little bit at a time until I reached the desired flesh tone. Of course, for some multi-cultural flair, we used some chocolate frosting on chocolate cupcakes as well.
The sparkly bras were created using pink decorating sugar.

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  1. Ca-ute cupcakes!!
    You posted a question to my blog on the monogramming with nail polish remover. As long as you use a toner based copy -- you should be able to transfer anything with this method. And I bought the 100% acetone nail polish remover at Kroger. It is just professional strength. It may work with the regular...I really never tried it. HTH!!



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