Friday, May 6, 2011

The One With the Easter Photo Shoot

In case you've ever wondered, "Jeez, how does she get any usable pictures of her toddler and infant?" Well, I'll tell you. I take about 500 pictures. And delete 495 of them. Why? Because I'm not amazing at using my camera yet. And even if I were, babies move a lot. And now that there's two of them, it is even less likely to get them both cooperating at the same moment.

And sometimes, Ellie doesn't help things. Take a look at this series from their Easter photo shoot.

Here they are just sitting together nicely.

Ellie even gives Olivia a little kiss. Awww... how sweet.

Then Ellie decides to stick her finger in Olivia's mouth. She thinks this is normal protocol with babies.

The finger isn't working, so she clutches her around the neck and starts rocking her back and forth. Olivia obviously isn't thrilled.
In fact, she's looking at me like, "What the heck is this kid doing to me? When are you going to rescue me, mom?"

And so, I have to put down the camera and do just that. Not that I mind, really. They're both very snuggley.


  1. This totally cracks me up. I love it! I photograph siblings with their new baby brothers/sisters all the time, and it's just like this. I love that you posted these. :)

  2. The one with Ellie's finger in Olivia's mouth is priceless!


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