Thursday, December 27, 2012

The One With the Christmas Dinner

We had a lovely Christmas in our first home this year. My family came to visit from Idaho. It's always fun to have Christmas with my family because my mom is a great cook and we have a fabulous food, which is one of the reasons I love Christmas so. That and Christmas songs and lights and glitter crafts. 

Anyway, it was fun to decorate for Christmas dinner, which was out in our garage that is about to be converted into the girls' bedroom. (Fancy, I know.)
Just a few hydrangeas and pink roses arranged by my mom amongst tons of candles and some ornaments, and of course, gold glitter. We had berry pretzel salad for starters, followed by a green salad with spinach, craisins, pomegranate, sunflower seeds, croutons and poppyseed dressing. And then twice baked potatoes, green bean casserole, and pork wellington - which is quite a feat of engineering (in which I am not very involved). And a pecan pie cheesecake and a chocolate toffee almond pie for dessert.

After dinner we went to see the lights at Peacock Lane and then watched the Muppet Christmas Carol, as per tradition. Well, except that the tradition is becoming more and more that we fall asleep to the Muppet Christmas Carol, but whatever. And we played games and introduced the new family members to Nertz, which is the best card game ever.

And look at this picture from Christmas morning. The girls got a kid-sized piano from my mom. They love it. And they look ridiculously adorable playing it. They probably need piano lessons...
Ellie and Olivia also got a pink oven and we gave them pizza and cookie making sets to go with it. They walked around all day in their new princess dress-up shoes and made sure everyone got more than their fill of pizza and cookies. It was very fun.

Did you have a Merry Christmas? I do hope you did.

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  1. If I am thinking correctly, Nertz is the English name for the game we call Dutch Blitz, and is it the most fabulous game!! Glad to hear you had a good Christmas!


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