Saturday, April 20, 2013

The One Where Henry is One Month Old

Henry is already one month old. As crazy as it seems that a month has already flown by, it is also difficult to remember what it was like with just two girls. It makes me think of a song lyric, “I’ve loved you for so long I can hardly remember what it was like without you here.”

Henry is the perfect addition to our little family. He is pretty calm and patient so far. This is good because Ellie and Olivia haven’t been too keen on giving up any of the attention they require. That being said, they just love him to death. Ellie likes to come in and check on him first thing every morning and says lots of things like, “Oh hi Henry. Did you have a good sleep? Do you need your mommy?” She says this all in a ridiculously high-pitched voice. She also likes to call him “Little Cheek.” I don’t know where that nickname came from. When she first said it I thought it was just one of those nicknames you try out and then abandon when you realize it doesn’t quite work. But she’s stuck to it.

Olivia is always asking him if he needs some milk. And sneezing in his face. Because they insist on being thisclose to his face at all times. Fortunately, he doesn’t seem to mind too much.

And he’s already sleeping through the night in his room. Which is very nice for mommy and daddy. And probably Ellie and Olivia because we are much nicer people as a result. I hope this lasts.

Things I enjoy about having him around include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Calling him, “My son.” It feels so different. And important.

2. Thinking of the name Henry Campbell. It just seems so regal. And maybe just a size too big on such a little guy. But he seems like the perfect type to grow into it. I should suggest it to Will and Kate. It would be a great name for a little prince.

3. Almost being able to see him grow. It is just crazy how much they grow in these first few months.

4. Imagining what he is going to be like throughout various stages of his life. He seems like he is going to be very cute and quite dapper. One of the wonderful things about having other kids, is that it makes me excited for all the things I didn’t really know about the first time around. I get excited to see what funny way he will try to crawl. Or imagine how his voice will sound. Will he have a little belly? Will he love to eat? Will he laugh all the time? Will he be thoughtful and collected?

5. Kissing his face and seeing him get all surprised since he can’t really see it coming.

6. Reading him stories. He really likes to listen to me read to the girls. Which is good because it is a good family activity everyone can enjoy. And we like books around here quite a bit.

7. Wrapping him up in the Moby and adventuring all over. I’m glad I discovered baby wearing with Olivia. It means I don’t have to be trapped in the house for 6 months with a baby that can’t do much. He’s already been to a few food carts. And to Target about 30 times.

8. Seeing Steve with him. I’ve got my girls and I love them to death. And so it is fun for me to see Steve have his little boy. He is so excited. And content. They just love each other.

Dear Henry,

It's been so wonderful to have you here. You're just perfect in every way and we all love you so much. We've had fun introducing you to everyone this past month.

I love to snuggle you in the middle of the night and feel your soft body pressed against me. I love to smell your new baby smell and kiss your tiny lips. I love your fingers curled around mine. And I love to see you cuddled up with your dad. He is just so happy to have you around.

I'm excited for the months ahead, baby boy. To watch you grow and learn and become the amazing person you're going to be. I'm happy to be your mama.

I love you forever.


  1. Such cute pictures with such cute kids!! Little Cheek is a very thoughtful name. :)

  2. He is such a doll. Will be a handsome fellow for sure! Daddy's just love their boys, it's cutest thing. And I think Little Cheek should stay! Cyril coined Liam's nickname of Ni Ni (his variation of me calling Liam, Li Li) and that jus stuck. :)

  3. He is too precious. Love those photos!

  4. Dear Henry,

    You seem to be quite the handsome and well-loved young man! Remember that your sisters love you very much, even if they start to tease you and make you wear girl's clothes and make-up when you get a little bigger (that's just part of having big sisters I think...). Your parents are two of the coolest people I know. They have a lot of love and wisdom to share with you, so listen to them! I hope to meet you very soon. I am sad that I live far away so I don't get to see you and your family enough, but enjoy watching how you change by the pictures your Mommy posts. Finally, when you were born and named Henry I immediately dubbed you "Sir Henry Waters I" because your name is so regal and classic.

    I will see you this summer! Can't wait to meet you! XOXO

    ~Auntie Kaycie~

  5. Little Cheek? If you say it with a Ugandan accent, then it's Little Chick. And I like that a lot! XOX...


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