Thursday, September 26, 2013

The One Where Henry is 6 Months Old

In my experience, babies are highly susceptible to being jinxed. Like last week when Steve and I stayed up for hours talking about how sweet and cute Ellie and Olivia were and the next day they just totally lost their cool and were screaming at each other all. day. long. 

Or when, a few months ago, I put it out on the ol' blogosphere that Henry was sleeping so wonderfully. There he was sleeping like a little angel and then I said it to all of your fine folks and just like magic, now he's a terrible sleeper. (By the way, I'm totally hoping this comment will reverse jinx him into being a great sleeper. Don't worry, whoever is in charge of jinxing can't read anything written inside parentheses.) Anyway, I'm soliciting helpful sleeping tips, so if you have some, I would love to hear them. 

What is a really good thing, probably a built-in survival technique equipping all non-sleepers, is that when he is awake and supposed to be awake, he is the sweetest thing. He is full of laughter. And he really likes books. And exploring. And being held by any unsuspecting sucker who will pick him up when he squeals. 

He's got a variety of movement patterns making their way towards full-blown crawling. He's got something that resembles a butterfly stroke, but on land. I call it the "Beached Butterfly." And then there's also the "Slip-n-Slide" where he creates a pool of his own drool on the wood floor and then slides around in it for a while. He usually gets kind of frustrated with this one pretty quickly. (Can you blame him? Am I a horrible mom for letting him do this at all?). But he can be pretty fast with his Butterfly when he wants to be. He likes to explore, but he doesn't seem super motivated to be going and doing yet. Which is fine with me. I know I'm going to spend a lot of time chasing after him, but that doesn't have to start for a few days. 
And good Lord, he is so precious. And just ridiculously adorable. He's got some gorgeous eyelashes. I know because I get to stare at them a lot while trying to get him to go to sleep. And his cheeks. I could stroke them all day long. They're so soft and smooth and nearly edible. Perfection.

And when I'm nursing him he always wiggles his hand free of the blankets and searches discontentedly until he finds my hand and is wrapped around my thumb and I am squeezing his chubby little hand as tightly as possible. It's the best. 

He's started to talk a little bit. Not real words obviously, but cooing in conversation. Trying to talk to us and say a few things. Especially in the morning. He is mostly trying to say things like, "I'm so cute, you couldn't possibly wish I was still asleep." And "I'm too lovable to be in my own bed." But when he looks up at me with those eyes full of mischevious adoration and makes little lovey squeals, even though my day is starting off much earlier than I'd like, at least it's starting off very well. 

Dear Henry, 

My boy. My son. Sometimes those phrases seem so new and almost strange. I just love getting to experience your boyness. Seeing your love of things that move and spherical objects. You love playing with balls like nothing else. Earlier this month we took you to OMSI and I put you in the ball pit for the first time. You were so excited you tried to cuddle with all the balls at once and when they kept slipping away from you, you laid down in the ball pit and just squealed with delight. 

And you are quite the little love bug. More and more you are only content in someone's arms. But you are simultaneously very wiggly, so it is hard to keep you there, where you want to be. It's a strange problem to have. 

And oh my, you love to be upside down. I don't know why. But you are always the very happiest when someone is holding you with your head lower than the rest of your body. But then said head starts to fill with too much blood and we must upright you so you don't pass out. I'm very sorry about this, but it's something that must be done. 

You are very funny. A little ball of wonder and excitement, newness and familiarity all rolled into one. And I just love you. 

I do wish you'd sleep more, so I can get a few more things accomplished during the evening and be more free during the day to just love on you and your sisters. That would be nice of you. 

I love you forever. 



  1. Is he getting up a lot at night or just waking up too early? I am not sure what to say as far as advice because my kids took forever to sleep through the night well! I do know that we discovered Gigi is a very light sleeper so a white noise machine and fan helped soothe her and block out the noise of the rest of us in the house!

  2. This is the sweetest post!! Christian was the same in that he was pretty happy awake, even if he was sleep deprived. Daphne was a disaster (still is) without enough sleep, so to have one who doesn't sleep and yet is still happy about makes it a lot easier. And made me not panic quite as much about whether he was getting enough sleep, because he was functioning just fine!


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