Thursday, December 12, 2013

The One Where We Did a Lot of Christmassy Things and Took a Lot of Pictures

Last Saturday we rode the Polar Express in Hood River with the Waters family. I think Grandma was the most excited, but all the cousins loved it, too. 

The ride is based on the book. They serve hot chocolate and cookies and chefs read the story. The Polar Express even has to stop and then change course because of caribou blocking the tracks. Once the train reaches the "North Pole", Santa Claus boards the train and talks to the kids for a while.

It was fun, but I think the most enjoyable part for the kiddos was the gift bags Grandma brought full of books and snacks and snowmen cups for their hot cocoa.
^^ Garrett and Annette about to board the train. ^^

^^ Cousins riding the train and enjoying some hot cocoa. ^^

^^ Livvy getting her ticket punched. ^^

^^ These Waters were very on top of things and wore pajamas on the train. I felt 
it was much too cold for this. I'm such a pansy about the cold now. ^^

^^ Santa Claus makes an appearance. ^^

And after we rode the Polar Express we came home and decorated the Christmas tree and ate Christmas cookies. Ellie was very excited about it this year.

 ^^ Liv is wearing a scarf around her head because she is pretending to be 
Rapunzel and that is her "long, tangly hair." ^^

^^ Isn't she so beautiful? ^^

While decorating the tree, Ellie was hanging up her first year ornaments, the ones people gave her for her first Christmas. She kept saying things like, "I got these when I was born. But now I am a grown-up." "Well, you're not a grown-up yet," we said. And she replied, "But I am really big."

And then when I made some cookies, Steve said he was going to eat them all. "No! Don't eat them all! If you eat them all there will be none for the mama and the children!" 

Don't worry, no such tragedy ensued.

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