Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The One Where Henry is 10 Months Old

Well, HB (Henry Bear/Huge Baby) is ten months old now. It's been a very long and mostly productive month around here. Henry got a whole batch of new teeth and is getting closer and closer to walking. And he is talking up a storm. 

One of my favorite things is listening to how babies acquire language. I find it so interesting that even though he doesn't really have words yet (except "hi" and "bye"), he definitely talks in sentences, knows when you are asking him a question and can reply in a short, one-syllable answer a lot like, "yeah."

His happiest time of the day is when he's eating. And if you tell him that it is dinner time he goes over and stands by his high-chair so he can sit at the table with everyone else.
Henry is having so much fun these days playing with his sisters. And they are usually nice to him. And occasionally Ellie tackles him to the ground. But someone's got to teach him to be tough. If not her, then who?

He is a born adventurer. If anyone gets near the door with their coat on he races over as fast as he can and wants to be picked up. Then he waves good-bye so whoever is still in the house so he can go. It's very cute.

When he is happy, he is very happy. And when he is sad, he is very sad. It's hard to be 10 months old sometimes. But at least he's really cute while he's at it.
He's one slobbery little love bug these days. And we're glad he's a part of our little family.

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