Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The One With the First Day of Preschool

When Steve and I went ziplining a few weeks ago, our tour guide asked me what I do and I said I was a mom and a portrait photographer. He said something along the lines of, "Wow. You must have a ton of pictures of your kids." And I realized that even though I take plenty of iphone pictures of them, I rarely whip out the big camera for them. I think it's because I already feel like I have enough going on keeping track of three kids and so I leave the camera at home where it is nice and safe and I don't have to worry about it, too. Maybe that's lame. Maybe if I just pulled out my old, but still shmancy camera and used that I could have the best of both worlds (nice pictures + less worrying). 

Anyway. I say all this to say that, even though I love taking pictures and I love my kids, I don't put the two together as often as you would think. And the end result is that my kids kind of lose it in front of cameras. I don't know why. Does it seem like too much pressure to perform? I don't know. They just kind of freak out and most of the pictures I end up with have ridiculous faces or are of them almost strangling each other, albeit "affectionately." Most of the time, it's fine. This is a reality I have come to accept. But in this particular case, it means fewer back-to-school photos for you to enjoy. And for them to find later and giggle about. (And also, I'm very grateful the iPhone has such a decent camera. I mean... seriously. That thing is sharp. Does it compare to a Canon 5D Mark II? No, of course not. Nothing does. But for something that fits in your back pocket and also provides you with maps, internet, texting and calling capabilities, it's nothing to sneer at.)

Behold, the four First Day of Preschool pictures:

Steve took Olivia and Ellie to preschool this morning, and he said Olivia is just a natural. Just waltzed right into her classroom like she was right at home. Of course, it is Ellie's old classroom and she did spend 3 days a week last year pining to be there. And talking to the teacher and wishing she could play with the toys. So I guess it's not surprising that she was happy as a little clam the day preschool was finally available to her, too. 

When Steve took her to her introductory preschool popsicle night last week she helped another little preschool girl pick up some toys from the floor while talking about Frozen (what else?). When they were done Olivia said to her, "We're best friends now!" Bonding over being helpful. Love it.

And Ellie is in pre-kindergarten this year. She goes five days a week in the mornings. And that kind of seems like a lot to me since we haven't had a five-day-a-week commitment in about 4 years. So, we'll see how that goes. It helps that she loves it and really blossoms getting to be around other kids her age. And she loves the teachers and her teachers are awesome. 

Ellie's pre-kindergarten program just a few doors down the hall from Olivia's preschool. So today I picked her up first and then we went to get Olivia and she went and took her hand and they walked around together, backpacks on, exploring their little world together and introducing themselves to other kids who were still hanging around. It made my heart happy. 

(Meanwhile Henry had found the pile of trains and matchbox cars and was quickly undoing the cleanup the little preschoolers had done such a good job on just twenty minutes before.)

Crazy camera antics and all, these kids are pretty cute.

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  1. Definitely cute!! So fun for them to be at school together-ish.


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