Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The One With the Tiny Shoes

To go with the tiny feet mentioned below, yesterday I received the most adorable baby present ever: tiny handmade shoes! And a matching onesie.

My dear friend and fellow crafter, Mallory, has been making me the sweetest gifts these past few months. It's fun getting such unique and inspired crafty things that I know I will treasure for a long time. I need to think of something extremely cool for Mallory's birthday. It's a good thing I have until September for that.

Eventually I hope to show you all the cool things Mallory has made for me and the girls, even if it's just by showing you the posts she has put on her new blog the Purplest Pecalin.

These little shoes just couldn't wait to be mentioned. They are a wee bit big for the very tiny feet of little Olivia right now, but she is going to be so cute in them someday (too soon).

Here's a link to Mallory's post on the subject. And also a link to the wonderful Thank You cards she made me. As she mentions, I find them almost too cute to use. I'm just not sure I can part with them. But I will try.

Mallory and I have sort of tackled this whole new world of crafting in tandem. It started back in our freshman year of college when she reminded me of my love for scrapbooking. And then we added cupcakes and desserts in general to our repertoire of things we like to make together. And then I "taught" her how to use the sewing machine in her grandma's garage. And by "taught" I mean that I helped her thread it and said, "Now you put your foot on the pedal and make it sew." Because I'm that awesome at sewing. Or not.
And now we send each other all sorts of links to cool projects and ideas. And it is fun to have someone to do them with. Unfortunately for me, Mallory will be in South America for the next six weeks. So I will be crafting on my own. And I will miss her.

But I've got a toddler, a new baby and adorable little shoes to keep me company.


  1. Awww thanks so much for mentioning these! I feel so special, particularly for the lil shout out at the end. I will miss you dearly too! As I said before, can't wait to come back and craft with you!

  2. Oh and I think it's cool that I made these BEFORE I read your post about how much you love Olivia's feet :)


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