Friday, February 24, 2012

The One After the Delay

I'm sorry it has been so quiet around here lately. I've been sick all week. Really sick. Like not getting off the couch for three days sick. That left little time for fun projects to write about. But after a little R&R, I'm back!

Soon I'll have some exciting things to show you (Olivia's birthday party projects! A new label for my brother-in-law's brewery!). But today I'm just going to share some pictures from Valentine's Day. I worked with my mom in her flower shop. It was really fun to learn a little about flower design. And write love notes for people. I might add that being a florist on V day is just a little bit dramatic. I can see the reality show now.

But anyway. I think my mom is a really talented florist and I like her whimsical aesthetic. And all the pretty colors she uses. See:
Photographing flower arrangements is more difficult than I would have assumed. But I tried my best so that hopefully I could get some pictures my mom could use on a website at some point..
This is one of my favorite flowers. It's just wax flower, and it is just used as a filler. But it comes in lots of pretty colors. And it's shape and size makes it easy to use in many arrangements, so it was kind of my life-saver when I would get stuck on where to go next with an arrangement. And if I got really stuck I'd give up and ask my mom to fix it. She usually did by taking everything apart and starting with an empty vase. But that's ok. I'm still learning.
And finally, here's a glimpse of the table before the first deliveries went out. It was a pretty hectic day. And cold, out in the flower shop in Idaho... but it was a lot of fun to pull off a big family ordeal like that. I think we'll make it a yearly tradition to be back there for the day of love.

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