Saturday, October 15, 2011

Streamlining Saturdays: Closet Maintenance (Grown-Ups Edition)

We have a really small closet that my husband and I share. No big walk-in for us. Sometimes it is not very fun, but most of the time it helps us keep our clothes pared down to the ones we actually really wear.

I'm one of five kids and until I was in high school we lived in a tiny little three bedroom house. All four girls shared one (big) bedroom and one closet. As crazy as that sounds now, my mom really made it work. She taught us a few simple tips that I still follow today to keep my tiny closet managable: 
  • If you don't like something - and I mean everything about that something (style, fit, color, feel) - get rid of it. There is no reason to hang on to clothes you don't like and don't feel good wearing. (To help with this, I keep a constant "donate/consign" basket under my bed. When I come across something that I realize I really just don't like, I toss it in there.)
  • When you go shopping, don't buy things unless they actually fit into your existing wardrobe. You don't want those lone pieces that never get worn floating around.
  • Use a replacement system: when you do purchase something you love, use it as an opportunity to get rid of/donate/consign something you don't like quite so much.
  • Build your basics. Simple, go-to pieces that can be dressed up or down based on your accessories should fill up the majority of your closet. Use accessories to bring in the color and flash to your wardrobe. They generally take up much less room, so the fact that you wear them more occasionally doesn't matter as much.
Even if you don't have limited closet space, free your mind and your time by keeping your closet simple so you can spend less time getting dressed and more time enjoying everything else life has to offer! Yay!

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