Monday, October 3, 2011

The One With the Details

I've finally been exploring my new camera lens. What's really fun is that it helps capture the little details. Here are some details from our morning.

Little bright eyes.
 Little baby friends.
 Little bit of perfection.
 Little princess.
 Little block fan.
 Little snuggle bear.
 Little smooches.
 Little potty-trainee who is a little bit excited about being a big girl.
Ellie is going to be pretty mad some day when she sees that I put these pictures online. But I couldn't resist. She's just so ridiculously cute about becoming a big girl. And, in my defense, I expressly asked her if it was ok to post these and she responded with an emphatic, "Yes." See, I'm off the hook. (I tried to get it in writing, but she's not quite there yet.)


  1. Ahhhh! On the potty! Looks like you got one of those seat things I was trying to describe! Go Ellie!

  2. My mom video taped me the first time I used the toilet all by myself (I think without a kiddie seat). At first I was embarrassed, but now I find it hilarious (because of what I said and did) and am so glad she did that. :o)


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