Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The One With the Instagram Summer Adventures Recap

Yeah... forget the weekend recap. Here are all the Instagrams from my mom's wedding... a long, long time ago. And the adventures before and after. We've been pretty on the go this summer. And we've still got a lot of adventures before this year is over. It's fun. And a little exhausting. I'm enjoying the small breather we're getting at the moment.
But anyway...
The flowers at my mom's wedding were really beautiful. I'll post a few pictures of the bouquets soon, but I'm trying to remember all the names of the flowers. It's fun having a mom for a florist because I get to know a lot more about flowers beyond your typical ones like roses and daisies and such.

The missing friend at Crater and Diamond Lakes is Kaycie. We visited her in Louisiana this past spring and she just moved to Illinois, so she was unable to make it to this reunion. Hopefully we'll be seeing her soon.


  1. I do love your instagram recaps. Good summer!

  2. That was an excellent recap, though I must admit that those last few pictures broke my heart! I will be at the next reunion!! I can't miss another it's killing me!!

    Also, your mom was SUCH A LOVELY BRIDE. Please give me her address so I can send her something.

    Love you. Keep photographing, you have a gift.


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