Thursday, August 7, 2014

The One With Georgia's Senior Pictures

My gorgeous sister, Georgia, came over to Portland for the weekend to get some senior pictures taken and so we could watch Planes: Fire and Rescue at the Drive-In. She's so beautiful and has that natural model quality, which made it extra fun to take her around to different locations for pictures. Since she's my sister she was a great guinea pig for trying out new photoshoot locations and we went to the Hawthorne District for these ones. (Have you explored much there? It's super cool.)

Isn't she just lovely? Not only is she beautiful, but she has such a strong and steady spirit. She's funny and kind and sincere and I always enjoy her company.  She has all the ambition and optimism of a senior, but she also has dedication and passion and I know she's going to go far. That's cliche to say, but really I mean that she is just such a great person that no matter where she goes, she's going to go there with grace and dignity and tenacity. I really admire and love her. 

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