Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The One With the Famous Women Dress Ups

 On Monday, the girls had "Dress Like a Famous Person Day" at their school. I would not be convinced that a Disney princess counted as a famous person. I'll give them that some of the princesses are based on real people who did do things for which they deserve fame. But Ellie wanted to be Aurora. And Aurora just took a one hundred year nap and then got kissed. Not very fame-worthy, in my book. 

So we came up with different famous women to emulate for this day. You know, so they can be all empowered to be strong women who know that they have value and are smart and talented and that their minds and hearts are more important than their looks. And all that good stuff. 

When I suggested to Ellie that she could be Louisa May Alcott, the author of Little Women, she actually got very excited. We are reading (and almost done with) Little Women right now. And Ellie keeps asking me to read the part where the dad comes home to everyone who comes over to our house. She thinks it's a lovely scene. 

She has a hard time pronouncing "Louisa" so she just said her name was Jo March, since Little Women is semi-autobiographical and Louisa was the real life Jo of her family of four sisters. 

I made Ellie's skirt using this tutorial and then we paired it with an Old Navy blouse and jacket. I was glad to put that fabric my grandmother gave me to good use. It's kind of perfect for this occasion. She was very proud of it and wrote in her notebook all day like a real author. 

Olivia got pretty excited about being Amelia Earhart and liked to tell everyone she flies planes over oceans. She borrowed her outfit from Henry, who is lucky and always gets cool pilot gear. Olivia was so excited to be Amelia that I even convinced her to wear pants for the first time in about two years. It's usually only leggings and dresses for that girl. Also, she is lucky because she is tiny enough to fit into a 2T pilot's jacket. She's just itty bitty. 

I'm glad that in the end they had fun dressing up as women of substance. Women who matter are just as fun to pretend to be as pretty girls with good singing voices. Maybe I should create a dress up line of costumes for historical super-heroines. Boys can have Batman, we'll have Florence Nightingale and Marie Curie. Yes. I think that would be fun. 

One last picture of Ellie showing all her beautiful baby teeth. One of those bottom ones is loose now and I'm panicking a little. I don't want her to start loosing teeth. And not only because teeth really gross me out. But also because then she will be a real Big Kid. 

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