Monday, January 5, 2015

The One With the Homemade Holiday Gifts

As much as possible, I really love to give handmade gifts. But I also really want to give practical gifts that people enjoy. People not liking the gifts I give them is one of my biggest fears in life. (So if I gave you something you hate, please just regift/donate/toss it without telling me. Or maybe tell me so I can do better next time? Idon'tknowanymore.)

Anyway, last Christmas Henry was the crankiest ever and so I just didn't have much time or ability to put into thoughtful gifts, and it wasn't very fun. I felt bad getting really creative, wonderful gifts and giving a gift card in return. Sad day. This year Henry was more cooperative and I finally felt that I had the time and creative energy to make a lot of the gifts we gave.

I discovered the wonder that is Creative Market, which enabled me to do most of these projects. I got all the elements from various artists there (see source list at bottom of post), and just got to design them in whatever way I wanted.  And it was really fun! I hope the recipients appreciated getting them at least half as much as I enjoyed making them!

Here's a sample of a few things I made this year:

^^ I made these family crests for three couples and paired two of them with one or the other
 of the feather wreathed quotes. I got to see  the first two hung up in Stephanie Stucke's 
adorable New Hampshire apartment and it totally made my day! 

 ^^ I made this initially for my friend Betsy's birthday. Then I made a copy for my mom. 
And one for me, because this is such a good reminder. 

 ^^ I made this for my sister-in-law Emily's birthday. This one is extra special because it 
has the names of each family member printed in the feathers of the arrows. 
I love it. Might need to print one of our family. 

^^ This quote (or possibly collection of quotes?) by Theodore Roosevelt is displayed in the 
foyer of the Museum of Natural History in New York City. I fell in love with it while we 
were there and was so happy to make this print for my son's room. It turned out so well that 
I thought I'd give it to a few other boys I know. 

^^ This one went to a friend who loves feathers and brings people a lot of hope. Love you, Jo!

^^Each print was framed up in various ways. I tried to frame them to match any existing decor 
of the person/family to receive them. 

Yay or nay these prints? I'm really loving all this natural/woodsy theme that seems to be popular right now.

If you're interested in a personalized copy of any of these for yourself, contact me! I love to make these things!

Creative Market Design Sources:
Say Less Font // Just Be Cool Font // Watercolor Texture Pack // Watercolor Flower DIY Pack Vol. 2 // Watercolor Wedding Collection One and Two

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  1. I just love all of these!! I'm so un-computery, but I feel like I need to investigate this Creative Market thing so that I can make cool stuff, too. And if I can't figure it out I can always fall back to you and your expertise. :)


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