Monday, February 9, 2015

The One With the Fruity Valentines (+ Free Printable)

Every year when Valentine's roles around and my kids want to give out those licensed Valentines from the grocery store I try to talk them into something more fun and creative. And this year we finally came to an agreement when I designed these little cards and we washi taped up some little paper bags of cuteness. Also, I love puns, especially fruity ones, as you can see. 

"You are simply sub-LIME and I like your smile." is my favorite. Also, "Hey you, ORANGE you cute!" I was really hoping to find a peach graphic so I could say, "you're such a peach and I'm glad we're friends." But alas, I didn't find a peach graphic. Maybe next time.

You could put really anything inside. We gave mini homemade cookies (like these Frosted Brownie Cookies) to our friends, because everything is better when it's mini. But their school has a weird rule about not allowing homemade things for events like this, so the girls packaged theirs up with little Valentine's erasers or chocolates. I think these would be the cutest with flower seeds inside or even Sour Patch gummies or other fruity candies like Starbursts. (If you are going to put in something baked like brownies or cookies, I suggest wrapping them in clear plastic wrap first, or the oils will bleed through the paper sacks.)

Of course, you could attach these to ziplock bags of actual fruit for a healthy snack! Except maybe not limes... I don't know how well those would be appreciated.

I made the design using graphics by AF Studio via their Octavia Font on Creative Market. (Can I send a Valentine to Creative Market? I love them so.) Watercolor textures used for the fruit names are via Watercolor Texture Pack.

And guess what? I made all this into a free printable for you! Isn't that so nice of me? You know, just in case you're procrastinating about Valentine's Day and your kids are expected to bring something on Friday. You can get it here. Just download, print on white cardstock and cut along grey lines, then every 2 inches to separate each card (final product should be about 2x3.5" - standard business card size). Tape onto something cute, or just sign your name and you're good to go!

Happy Day of Love and Chocolate and Snail Mail! (It's my favorite.)

Additional sources:
Mini paper bags - 3x4" (shown) or 4x6", available at most craft stores

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