Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The One With the Swaddling Blanket

To continue the baby preparation, I wanted to make a swaddling blanket to take to the hospital with us. I found the idea on Martha Stewart's website here. It was so simple I thought I'd give it a try. I think it will be nice to have her all wrapped up in something I made just for her. Plus, the fabric will look adorable some day in her memory quilt (see Ellie's here).
JoAnn's was having a sale so I picked up this cotton fabric and chose a pink flannel for the other side. I love the cotton fabric - so bright and fun. I was planning on just getting a yard, but there was only 1 1/4 yards left on the bolt, so I got it all and got the same amount of flannel. After washing them both in detergent and vinegar (to set the color), I was ready to put them together.
The process is pretty straight-forward: lay the right sides of the pieces together and sew all the way around 3 edges. Sew most of the 4th edge, leaving just 3 or 4 inches open so you can turn it inside out. Because flannel has a tendency to easily unravel with washing (and since baby blankets get washed a lot), I sewed a quarter inch seam and a 3/8 inch seam. Clip the corners and turn the blanket inside out so the right sides are now showing.

To finish up your fourth seam, press the pieces together so that this part lines up with the rest of the seam. Since I was using a pink fabric and a white background fabric, I need to use a pink thread and white thread to conceal the seam. All I had to do was switch the upper thread of my sewing machine to pink and leave the bobbin thread white. Then, sewing so that I could see the pink side, I sealed up the seam.

Upper thread is pink:
Lower thread is white.
Tricky, huh? Well, not really. But now you can hardly see the corner that was sewn on the outside. You could also do a seam all the way around on the outside if you wanted to. I ran out of pink thread, so I'll just have to do that later.

And here it is! So cute and cuddly.

P.S. This would make an adorable baby shower gift - and could be very inexpensive, especially if you're shopping sales.

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