Friday, February 25, 2011

The One With the Things I Love About Ellie (17 months)

Sorry for the delay in posts. I've been enjoying a little snow with Ellie. And by "a little snow" I mean enough snow that Portland freaks out, yet it is so little that it melts by noon. It just makes me miss the real winters in Idaho.

And also, I am very indecisive - which results in me finding myself in the middle of several projects with none actually completed and ready to show you. I'll try to get them post-ready soon, though.

In the meantime, I thought I'd take a minute to gush about the things Ellie's doing that I really enjoy these days. I'm told I won't remember if I don't write it down. So here I am, writing it down.

  1. I love the way she talks to herself in her crib after she's woken up from a nap (and sometimes before she's fallen asleep). I wonder what she's saying to herself... Every once in a while I'll hear a "Rawr" or a little singing. And I love it!
  2. I love her constant demand for her water bottle - although usually without any consonants.
  3. And I love those sparkly blue eyes. I know I always say that - but sometimes they just catch me off-guard and take my breath away.
  4. I love the pitter-patter of her little feet as she runs laps through the kitchen, dining room and living room.
  5. I love how she says "Bye bye" every time we close a door - and when she closes her bedroom door so she can more thoroughly examine her books in peace.
  6. I love how she says "Ooooh" when she sees something new or interesting and "Aaawww" when she is hugging her dolls or stuffed animals - or me!
  7. I love that little tuft of hair that curls at the nape of her neck.
  8. I love her little reading nook in the kitchen - and how she often gets trapped there by the bars of the bistro table.
  9. I really, really love her natural affinity for ducks. She can't seem to get enough of them. "Duck" was one of her first words and she loves to make a duck sound - which is more of a "gack" than a "quack." And she loves her Little Quack books and does not like to share them with the neighbor boys. And she loves her rubber ducks in the bath and likes to steal them from the bathroom so she can play with them elsewhere. And she loves the little duck salt-and-pepper shakers that now adorn the dining room table.
  10. I love her love of "E-I-E-I-O" and her little dance moves. I really need to get that on video before it's too late.
  11. And I love her recent desire to cuddle on the couch with her blanket and a book. And maybe her pink dog that she got for Valentine's day.
  12. I love that she always steals my hair bands to wear as bracelets.
  13. I love her "Uh-ohs" whenever she drops something. Or I drop something. Or anybody drops something. Even if it's on purpose - after which she'll giggle and then say "Uh-oh" somewhat sarcastically.
  14. I love her fake sneezes. And her real little giggles.
  15. I love the little baby ways she is trying to grow up - like when she wants to brush her own teeth or the pure delight she gets from hitting herself in the head with a hair brush in a mostly futile attempt to get it to lay down flat.
  16. I love her sloppy, wet kisses right on the mouth.
  17. I love her little high-pitched screams of excitement (though I try not to encourage them).
  18. I love her "that's good" noises like "Mmmmm," when she spots something she wants. And the way she uses "Yummy" as a command. "Yummy, yummy, yummy," really means "Give me, give me, give me."
  19. I love wrapping her up like a little burrito in a towel after her bath.
  20. And lastly (because I know that if you've read this far and this is not your kid, you are probably getting bored), I love how excited she makes me for the next one. I know I'll make it through the next couple of months of little sleep and lots of crying because I will be so looking forward to the emerging personality of baby #2, and Ellie's changing personality as she becomes a big sister. I can't wait for her to cuddle up next to the baby and say "Aaahww" while laying her head on her. Or to kiss her. I can't wait for her to share her pink dog and maybe try and read to her from her duck books.
Gosh! I just love her so much.

I'll (hopefully) be back soon with some crafting tutorials! And maybe a birth announcement, too...


  1. This made me tear up and just another example of how you are the best mom I know!

  2. I agree with Allison's comment. That was such a precious post!

  3. Thank you for posting this. It helps those of us who are far away still feel a part of Ellie's (and your) lives. It's beautiful. You MUST keep writing. - Kaycie


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