Monday, April 4, 2011

The One With the Book of Checklists

I'm kind of a list person. Maybe I need this book of one giant and hilarious "to-do" list for when I accomplish all the things on my other lists... which is, admittedly, probably never.

If the following things were on the list, I could check these off right away:
  • Eat a pound of trail mix in one sitting
  • Watch the entire series of FRIENDS multiple times
  • Use masking-tape as DIY solution to just about any problem
  • Make a trip to Target an all-afternoon and lunch-included excursion
  • Buy a zillion hair accessories
  • Take a drive just to look at all the pink trees in bloom
  • Look up the word "pejorative" and use it in a sentence
  • Memorize Little Quack by Lauren Thompson

(via You Are My Fave)

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