Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The One With Ellie's First Tea Party

Ellie's grandma bought her the cutest little table and chairs set. Of course, their arrival called for a tea party.

Ellie was very kind and made sure Talentod got plenty to drink.

Thank you, Grandma!

She loves it. Although she is currently frustrated with Talentod's inability to sit up without being propped against the table. And she gets really mad when she drops the teapot lid inside the teapot and can't get it out. Should I be concerned she's already this obsessive?
Anyway, we're off to have a spot of tea with some lunch. Toodles!

(I really can't pull that off, can I?)


  1. I helped pick it out :) Very cute!

  2. Those pictures are SOOOO cute! Seriously, the one of her with her tounge out of the corner of her mouth reaching over to give Talentod (LOVE THE NAME) some tea, is a winner!


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