Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The One With the Green and Blue Nursery

My sister in law, Emily, is expecting her second baby boy in July. She is putting together a blue and green nursery for him. I was looking, of course, through my favorite Etsy shops and figured I might as well share some of the lovely little things I might consider for a green and blue nursery.

The nice thing about doing a nursery based on colors instead of an actual theme like airplanes or owls or what-have-you, is that it is a lot more open-ended. I like that idea.

So there's the wall art...

Six Jungle Animals

Isn't the lion the awesomest...

Three Dinosaurs

(Also available with a green background.)

And every baby boy needs to learn his ABC's... (This is by one of my favorite artists. You may recall that her artwork also showed up on the Woodland Nursery moodboard. And whenever I find the time to frame them, you'll see several of her prints in Olivia's nursery.)

Or these little customizable blocks that come in whatever colors you want.

Or you could do a green and blue farmer collection. Maybe hang these animal cards (available in several languages) from twine and pair it the Little Farmer Quilt.

Or this adorable felt monkey that can be personalized...

And then there's the mobiles...

These both come in all sorts of different colors.
Elephants or owls

I may have gotten a bit carried away daydreaming about all this stuff. This isn't even my nursery, after all. Perhaps HGTV should make a new show called, "Decorating with Etsy" and then they can hire me to be one of their interior decorators. I think it's a fabulous idea.

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  1. You´re so cute. I love it. Also, I would buy that jungle lion one in a heartbeat. You know what a sucker I am for jungle theme. I also love the color decorating idea. I could do a dino theme too. There are some pretty cute dinosaur collections out there, particularly one fabric at JoAnn´s I love. Oh little boys.


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