Friday, August 12, 2011

The One With Jake's Silhouette

 I love silhouette art. It's so clean and classy.

My friend, Betsy, asked me about doing a silhouette of her son, Jake (Ellie's BFF). I was happy to try again. I hadn't done once since Ellie's, but now I'm hooked and want to do many more. Look how well it turned out! I started with this picture, plus another profile picture that showed me the back of his head:

And ended up with this:
Cool, huh? These silhouettes are rendered by me and then hand-cut and assembled with the name and background of your choice and is available in in my Etsy shop. All I need from you is a profile picture of your child! Email me if you want to get started now!

1 comment:

  1. You are so talented!! I wish I had half as much talent as you do. I am so glad you started your Etsy shop! I will definitely browse it soon. :o)


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