Saturday, August 27, 2011

Streamlining Saturdays: Toy Maintenance

If you have kids then you know that the toy situation can very quickly get out of hand. And by that I mean that there can be a lot of toys and they can be everywhere. As a solution to this problem, I have designated toy containers in the house: a trunk of toys in the living room and a few baskets of toys in each of the girls' rooms. To make sure that the toys always fit in their designated areas, I rotate toys. That means that once a toy is no longer age appropriate or well-loved, I either put it in storage (for later use) or donate it. Especially after birthdays or Christmas I purge the old toys out. If they are great toys that just don't get much use, I keep them for re-introduction at the next purge. This makes it seem like the girls get brand-new toys every few months, when, in fact, they've just forgotten about them and get to enjoy them anew.


  1. I have 3 girls ages 9,7 & 2, so the toy situation in our home is pretty out of control. Once they are back in school I think I need to purge their toys. I like your ideas, think I may need to try them.x

  2. Yes, toys can get crazy out of hand so easily, especially with children in multiple stages. I've found that toys that were at the bottom of the toy box are never missed when they disappear... :-) Thanks for reading!


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