Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The One With Olivia's Woodland Party Nursery

Now that Olivia is a whopping 5 months old, I thought I'd get around to posting about her (recently) finished nursery. Yep, I'm that on top of things. I feel validated, however, knowing that it took Katie Bower just as long to post about her son, Will's nursery. And she's a pro. If she can do it, I can, too.

Aaaanyway, you may remember the mood board for a Woodland Nursery that I posted back when I was pregnant. Well, the color scheme ended up turning out a bit darker (not so pastel-y, but still plenty pink). I was a little afraid of going for moodier hues, because, let's face it, I'm pretty into soft, bright and girly tones. But I really love it. A lot. And now I will show it to you in all it's glory. Except minus the glory.

So even though the theme was technically a woodland party (I mean, how cute are little woodland animals partying?), the real theme turned out to actually be As Cheap As Possible. I think the only thing in this room that I didn't either make or put together myself was the rocker. Literally. Ok, and the sheets. And a blanket or two. But for the most part, this was a total DIY and AIY (assemble it yourself) project. The white shelf came from Target, as did the pink canvas drawers and the owl blanket. I found the lamp and retro clock at Ikea.

Also, we live in a rental which we are not allowed to paint. So that withered grey color was not my first choice. But I worked with it and it turned out ok.

This print of Brambly Hedge Summer Story is a vintage (ish) piece that was apparently in my room when I was a kid. My mom saved it all these years and I just couldn't resist putting it in Olivia's room. Again with the whole, "Woodland creatures are the cutest things ever." (And I am not the only one who thinks so. Steve was reading the book, When the World Was Waiting For You by Gillian Shields, to Ellie and then told me that the picture of the sleeping bunny made him want more babies. I'm not kidding you. He actually told me that a painting of a passed out bunny was his own personal form of anti-birth control. But I digress. Back to business.) Here's a detail of the print, which was apparently wrapping paper at one time that my mom had mounted to foam core back in the day.

Nowadays, bunting is found all over baby nurseries, but when I started this project way back when (like 8 months ago), I had never seen it used in a nursery before.
I made the bunting using plain cotton colors that matched the polka dots on the crib skirt I made for her. It was a simple way to tie everything together.

I also made the ABC blanket hanging on the back of her crib from the Wee Woodland collection by Moda.The colors went with the bunting and the crib skirt quite nicely.

Her crib is the Graco Sarah Convertible. We reused  the changing table Ellie had in her nursery. It was the best solution for such a small space since it acts as her dresser as well. The mobile came from Ikea and provides Livvy with lots of entertainment during the ever-difficult changing process. (And I hope you're enjoying my little baby prop.)

Probably my favorite part of her room is the little gallery wall I put together using prints from Trafalgar's Square and Katie Daisy snagged on Etsy.The fun thing about a gallery wall is that it allows to you buy smaller (and usually less expensive) prints.  I framed them with Ikea frames (at $2.50 each, it's hard to pass up). Whereas one print or canvas or whatever to take up that much space could easily cost $200, this entire wall, frames and prints included cost less than $100 (and even less to me personally, since most of the prints I received as gifts. The other fun thing about multiple little prints is that it is a great collaborative gift opportunity for baby showers, which is how I acquired most of these.).

This one was actually a Valentine's card by Katie Daisy, but I wanted to frame it because the sentiment is so sweet, and so appropriate for our little girl.

I kept the decor minimal and child friendly to ensure her safety and my sanity. What's a nursery that isn't the perfect place for your little one to play? 
So there you have it, Olivia's Woodland Party Nursery. It seems to fit her personality so perfectly - she's always ready for a good time.

Also, in case you're wondering, her sheets came from Ikea. Her changing pad slipcover is the one by Boppy. The drawers in her dresser were found at Sears before it was Ellie's. Anything else you want to know, just ask! 


  1. This is ADORABLE!! :o) You are so crafty. I wish I had talents like yours.

  2. Someday can I pay you to redecorate the boys' rooms? You are super gifted!


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