Thursday, December 1, 2011

The One Where Olivia is Nine Months Old

Olivia is nine months old today! And all ready for Christmas. See?
And I'm all ready for Christmas, too, because she's the perfect present.
She's been moving everywhere this month. No crawling yet, but scooting and rolling and worming her way all over the house. She even rolls over to walls and legs and any other object she can find to push off and turn herself to another direction. It reminds me of Ender's Game. I think she could conquer the aliens someday.

She will do just about anything for some food. And if you are eating and not feeding her something, you better be ready to bear all her wrath. It's really the only time she gets upset, but she will screech to octaves previously unknown if she runs out of Cheerios. 

She loves her big sister. They are already best friends, always making each other laugh and giggling while they play and read together. I think they already have inside jokes, because half the time, I have no idea what is so funny.

Ellie is very sweet to her, always making sure the Cheerio crisis is avoided (although there may be something in it for her as well), even bringing Olivia water when she is thirsty and toys when she is without them.

O yeah, and she loves her tongue. Any tongue humor makes her crack up and squeal with delight.
And she loves Christmas. She loves Christmas lights and dancing to Christmas music. And I have no doubt she'll love Christmas presents.
P.S. If you're going to try wrapping your nine-month-old in Christmas lights please be very, very careful. And maybe just avoid it altogether if they have teeth. Thoughts of bitten lights in tiny, precious mouths make me cringe, and feel the need to post this warning.


  1. She is adorable, she looks like she is getting so big and full of life! I love your warning at the end ;)

  2. Oh the gingergirl sweater looks so cute on her! I love the light pictures!


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