Thursday, December 8, 2011

The One With the Paper Wrapped Jewelry Box

Jewelry is a popular gift to both give and receive. And why not? It's so much fun. It's really easy to make the box in comes in just as fun, too, without having to buy any special gift boxes or whatever.
Just take the plain old cardboard box your jewelry came in and measure the length, the height of the sides and the width. Cut out a piece of paper with a length of side height(2) + length and a width of side height(2) + width.  Place the paper right side down and secure the box lid to the center, using a glue stick. Cut out the intersections at the corners so that you can fold the paper down the sides and glue into place. Repeat for the bottom of the box, place your jewelry inside and tie with a ribbon. Voila! Pretty and pretty cheap way to wrap a tiny present.

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