Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The One With Olivia's First Birthday Party

This little smooch had her first birthday party last weekend. It was pretty fun.
I themed the party with a sort of nautical, mermaid theme... well, not theme as much as color scheme. Aqua, teal, sea green and a few touches of gold for a little sparkle.  Here are few glimpses of the party details.
I'll be sharing recipes in the next few posts. In the meantime, here's a list of sources for some of the items pictured above. Feel free to ask if you have any questions!

My mom came from Idaho fro the party and did the flowers (I'm trying to pick up on all her talent... because she's incredible). Mallory frosted the cake and deserves big kudos! And, of course, a shout out to Steve and Allison who were very helpful in getting everything ready!

I shared this recipe at some of my favorite link parties! See the "Sharing" tab!


  1. WOW! Woman, you impress me. And now I want some cake. :-)

  2. this is one of the most beautiful baby birthday parties i've ever seen! so sorry i didn't comment until now! i've looked at it twice. oops! thanks again for linking up!

  3. Love every detail. I love that it's an illusion to mermaids rather than something too cliche. The colors are fabulous, and I absolutely adore your cake. Great work.

  4. So cute! Love the color scheme!
    I have two girls as well around the same ages it looks like... I'm your newest follower and I'm looking forward to joining in on the fun!! Your blog is so sweet!


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