Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The One With the Baby Birthday Hat

Even though I know Olivia hates hats, I really wanted to make her a birthday hat to wear for her party, just in case she decided she would like it. She didn't. But it was really cute anyway, so I had to share.
  • An old headband you don't want anymore
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon to wrap headband
  • Tulle, cut into 5 in-wide strips
  • Thick paper to make the cone, or a cone either wrapped in paper or glittered or whatever
Secure the ribbon to one end of the headband with hot glue. Wrap the ribbon all the way around to the other end, securing with glue every couple of inches. Set aside to let the glue solidify.
Roll the paper of your choice (the thicker the better) into a cone and hot glue to secure the ends. Cut off the excess paper so you're left with just a cone. Of course you could use a pre-made cone from either cardboard or Styrofoam that is decorated however you like.
Gather a 5 x 6 inch rectangle of tulle and pinch it together in the middle. Add a bit of hot glue to the fold and stick it inside the top of the cone.
Working in 6-7 inch pieces of tulle, bunch it together to create a fluffy look and glue in the center of the tulle and press onto the bottom rim of the cone, so that half sticks out and half is inside the cone.
Once you're happy with the tulle around the base of the cone, secure the cone to the headband with glue. Let stand to solidify.

And here you can see my creation in action for about 5 seconds before she hated it and took it off. O well. I still like it.
I shared this on Tip-Toe Thru Tuesday on Crayon Freckles


  1. That picture of Liv cracks me up. She looks like it's trying to eat her.

  2. such a cute hat! it was a darling party altogether! thanks for linking up! i have a link to it in a round up i did today! (look for your pompoms!)

  3. Love all you have going on here. Following along now. :-) Jodi @ www.meaningfulmama.com

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