Thursday, October 4, 2012

The One With Ellie's Third Birthday Party

O hey. Remember me? Yeah, I used to write this blog before the epic summer of craziness. And to be honest, I don't know when I'll be back to posting regularly, but I thought I'd still stop by and show you the cuteness that was Ellie's third birthday party.

That's right. Ellie is three. It is crazy. She is just so much fun these days. It's sometimes a little strange to me how much of a person she is. How she can tell me stories of things that happened to her. How she can look back at all the pictures on her Instagram wall (see below) and recount the stories of going there or doing that. She is just very wonderful. And I think she really, really loved having a birthday and being special and having a party and eating cake.
Picture courtesy of Mallory Phelan.

Picture courtesy of Mallory Phelan.
Picture courtesy of Mallory Phelan.
Picture courtesy of Mallory Phelan.
Picture courtesy of Stephanie Deever.
Picture courtesy of Mallory Phelan.
Picture courtesy of Mallory Phelan.
Blowing out candles is Ellie's favorite thing. As is singing "Happy Birthday." When I told her it was time to sing she wasted no time in starting to sing the Happy Birthday song to herself. Everyone else just had to join in.

Also, the greatest form of entertainment at the party was the rock piles in our backyard. Apparently way cooler to children than any of the awesome food. Except maybe for the kettle corn. That was a big hit.

Now that she is finally old enough to have a say, I really wanted her party to be all about things she really likes. So I made the menu around some of her favorite foods (and, admittedly, some of mine). And she even helped decorate the cupcakes. And she definitely helped a lot with quality control. She was great at sampling everything to make sure it was up to standard. Especially the frosting.


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  1. I wish I could have been there, thank you for this post! I think that story-telling is such an essential part of being human, so it makes sense to me that you mentioned her becoming a "person" in conjunction with her abilities to recall and retell stories! I can't wait until I get to hear one in person.

    Also, the can you post or send me more pictures of her Instagram wall? I LOVE that idea! Very cute!

    Finally, I recognized the stamp you used to make the thank yous...;)

    PS I will be sending a big box with belated baby birthday gifts and other assorted goodies as soon as I gather enough funds and enough satisfactory items to put in it. I don't know why I find it so difficult! I guess it's just my own personal sense of "standards" mixed with years worth of neuroses.

    Miss you all very much. Give Steve and the girls our love.



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