Monday, February 10, 2014

The One With All the (Retrospective) Apple Picking

I should confess something right now. I'm not very organized. I really wish that I could be. I used to be better. But lately it just seems like my life is moving a million miles an hour and I just grab a camera every once in a while to try and capture the momentum. And then I set the camera down to grab a baby and then the photos get lost in a stream of too many SD cards and upgrading cameras and whatnot. And then something big approaches, like Henry's first birthday, and I try to go back through all the camera cards and files and scour out the photos I took of his first year so I can put them in his first year scrapbook. And along that very frustrating process, I find some other pictures that I've been meaning to share, especially because they were taken with friends, so they are extra fun. And so then I post these very late pictures of apple picking last fall with Melissa and her sweet kids.

And it makes this long, cold, tired-of-being-snowed-in day in February a little brighter.

(Mallory took some, or possibly all, of these pictures. I'm not really sure. I try hard to give credit where credit is due, but August was a long time ago. Melissa gets credit for making the cute kids, though. No arguments there.)

P.S. Daphne has the coolest rainjackets-for-your-shoes ever. I need some of those.

1 comment:

  1. Hilarious!! That one with the apple on Daphne's head while Christian looks at her....oh man. Funny stuff.


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