Thursday, February 20, 2014

The One Where Henry is Eleven Months Old

This month has brought so many changes. Our little Henry Bear is crossing that threshold out of baby-hood. Even though he is still very much a baby, (and a somewhat whiny one at that), he is starting to take his place as the little boy of the family. 

He loves his sisters so much! I've noticed for a while that his cranky part of the day was after his second nap, while his sisters were still napping and it was just me and him. Someone pointed out to me that he is cranky when he misses them. And it's so true! Even when they just go play in their room without him he gets very sad. But put him in the playroom and he his happy as a little jay bird for a long time. It makes me so very happy that they all love each other so much. Although I do have to remind Ellie that she can't force him to lay down in the doll crib (via a head lock) if he doesn't want to pretend to be her baby. 
This month he started driving cars on everything. And even driving things that aren't cars. I was kind of excited for this to happen. And he gets really excited about hanging out with guys. He loves me and his sisters plenty. But when Steve is home or a male of any age comes over to our house, Henry is fixated. He could spend hours contentedly sitting with them. And he doesn't sit still very often!

He got his first snow day! We were hit with a regular "snowpocalypse" a few weeks ago that trapped us all indoors for four days. We were going a little crazy. While the snow itself seemed to be too cold for his enjoyment, Henry loved to watch from the window while his sisters played outside. And we were sure to dress him in snowman pajamas so he could enjoy the spirit of the season.

He said "nanana" in direct reference to a banana he wanted to eat. And he loves to eat just about anything. We feed him whatever we're eating, mostly through a "baby-led weaning" approach, although I also feed him with a spoon sometimes when I just don't want to have to give him a bath after dinner. He is very good now at controlling his intake and I can just hand him slices of fruit or veggies and he eats them just fine. 

He's a little ham! He loves to laugh and giggles all day long at the silliest things. He started pretending to talk on the phone (so,so adorable!), and babbles to us non-stop. And he's looking more and more like his dad, which is pretty great, I think.

I love him a lot. And I can't believe he's going to be a whole year old next month!

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