Monday, September 19, 2011

The One With the Birthday Party

Yesterday we celebrated Ellie's second birthday and Mallory's twenty-fourth birthday with a little party.
I used the same banners I made last year for Ellie's party and went with a pink and yellow theme. My mom came and made the flower arrangements (which I loved). And we had some pretty yummy food. (This isn't even all of it - this is just what was set out when I snapped a few hurried pictures before having to rush back into the kitchen to finish prepping.)

I made some of my favorite recipes and tried a few new ones which I'll be sharing over the next week. The menu included bruschetta, chicken caesar salad, a tortellini and brocolli salad, pasta salad with Italian dressing, bacon-wrapped potato bites, clementines (Ellie's favorite food) and saltwater taffy (one of Mallory's faves). And we had three cakes: a chocolate with chocolate buttercream (you can find the recipe for the frosting on this cake recipe), a pink almond party cake and a strawberry lemonade cake. Apparently everyone enjoyed the fare... there were only crumbs left over.

It was a fun little party. We had a photo booth so that guests could take pictures and write notes for the birthday girls. I will someday be assembling them into little albums and will show you the final product. Over the next few days I'll share some of the recipes I used since I pretty much use Ellie's birthday parties to show off my all time favorite foods - which have so far proven to be great crowd pleasers.

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