Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The One With Ellie's Second Year in Review

Tomorrow my baby girl is going to be two years old. Two. Years. Old. I can't believe it. Oddly enough, it's not hard to believe that she's that old. It's actually weird to think she's that young. Being Ellie's mom has changed my life so completely that is hard for me to even remember what life was like without her. It has been such an adventure. And it continues to be more and more fun as she grows. I love watching her learn and explore and become a person all her own.  A person who can't go anywhere without her blankie. Who loves airplanes and watching squirrels play in trees. Who loves Nama and Papa and the beach. Who scribbles all over the patio with her chalk and cries her eyes out if she can't take a book to bed. Who needs lots of napkins to get through a meal. Who just loves her baby sister and is always trying to comfort her and keep her happy. Who gives nose snuggles. Who just discovered "gross" and "ick". Who loves her daddy so very much. Who likes to cuddle with me even when she's mad. Who wakes up singing every morning.

Gosh, I love her so much.

So to commemorate her second year, I thought I'd share some of my favorite pictures since her first birthday. (You may have already seen these, but here they are again. Deal with it.)

On her birthday with her favorite birthday buddy, Aunt Mallory. They were both born on
September 15th, just 22 years apart.

At her first birthday party. She didn't at first know how to attack the cake, but eventually
she figured it out.

We took her sailing for the first time in September 2010. She could barely move because
her life jacket was so big. This was probably a good thing since she loves water so much
she may have tried to dive right in.
In October we took Ellie to the park to take her autumn portraits.  She literally screamed in
excitement the whole time. She loves being outside.
As "Da Bee" for Halloween.
All pretty for Christmas.

Playing in the snow for the first time.
Discovering the wonder that is cinnamon sticks and frosting.
The Powdered Sugar Incident.
The Reading Nook she established for a few months under the bistro table. She used to pack
some books and stuffed animals under there and just read away.
Little cutie pie with her favorite water bottle, which is never far from sight.

Family portraits, taken just a few days before Ellie became a big sister.
Playing with her new baby sister.
And playing with scarves. I don't know why she loves them so much, but I guess I do, too.
So I can't really blame her.
Reading "Tick Tock", aka The Ear Book by Al Perkins. One of her Favorite Things.
Peek-a-boo. Looking suddenly so grown-up.
Being a sweet big sister and letting Olivia lay in her bed with her.

Baking chocolate chip cookies with Grandma Filler.

Making sure Talentod got plenty to drink at her very first tea party.
As a little ballerina bunny for spring.
Trying to keep the baby happy during their Easter photo shoot.
At the Tulip Festival with her friend, Jake.
Stealing Olivia's bumbo for her new reading spot.
Spending every possible moment outside once it was finally warm.
Still loves the bath as much as ever!
Meticulously eating some cake at Addie's birthday party.
Snuggling smooches.
I cleared out a cupboard for Allison and Ellie moved in instead.
Chilling with the skeleton at our Fourth of July party.
Taking daddy to see the water during a family vacation to Canon Beach.
Not letting her toes touch the sand.
Playing the piano at Brynn's house. This is one of her favorite things to do.
Snuggling her baby sister.
Refusing to take her birthday portraits, but still being adorable.

There you have it. Some of my favorite pictures from Ellie's past year. I'm so looking forward to this next year and the changes it will bring.

I love you, Ellie. No matter how big you get, you'll always be my baby girl.


  1. My goodness how she has changed since her first birthday! She is SO big! Can't wait to see her so soon and get another picture with my birthday girl.

  2. Wow, she is getting so big and she is just as beautiful as ever! Happy Birthday Ellie! You're an awesome mom Michelle!

  3. i hope ellie sees this years from now!

    I love Ellie so much!


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