Friday, July 29, 2011

The One With the Beach Trip Recap

We had such an amazing time at the beach this past weekend. We met up with my grandmother, aunts, uncle and cousins. It was so wonderful to play in the waves all day and roast hot dogs over bonfires on the beach in the evenings. Because most of my family lives in Idaho, we don't get to see them much, so it was great to catch up. They are all such fun to hang out with!
It did, however, become a little confusing hanging out with Ellie's namesake, her great-grandmother Ellie. We had to differentiate between "Little Ellie" and "Big Ellie." So people would say things like, "I gave Ellie our room key." And I would think, "Why would you do that? She's just a baby and quite likely to lose it." Of course, all problems were solved when Grandma Ellie came back with the room keys. She's much more responsible than Baby Ellie.

And I took a lot of pictures.

 Ellie became extremely attached to the water. She kept running towards the waves so much that eventually we had to stick her in a little hole so that she could dig and play while still being barricaded from escaping towards the ocean. And Olivia enjoyed all the attention she got from being doted on by aunts and cousins.
We stayed at the Surfsand Resort in Canon Beach, Oregon, and it was very nice. They had a cabana service that provided towels and beach chairs and umbrellas. And in the evenings they supplied our firewood and even built the bonfires for us. I must, of course, mention the incredibly soft and cozy beds in the rooms. I think I slept better in two nights than I have cumulatively in the last two years. And the halibut fish and chips from the Ecola Seafood Restaurant and Market were amazing. Just thinking about it makes me want to go get some more. And, as is required by law when visiting Canon Beach, we tucked into some lovely candy shops and stocked up on sea salt caramels, chocolate-dipped Oreos, fudge and salt-water taffy.

It's really a good thing I don't live there. I would try to subsist on fish and chips and candy. It probably wouldn't work out too well. But it sure is a fun way to vacation.


  1. These are so amazing. You're going to have such great photo memories for the girls to look at when they're older! What great pics.


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