Friday, July 8, 2011

The Other One With the Swaddling Blanket

You may remember that way back here I made a little swaddling blanket for Olivia before she was born. It has since become one of my favorite handmade projects - I have used it every single day since her birth. So naturally, I was thrilled when my sister-in-law, Emily, found a cute flannel and wanted me to make it into a thicker blanket for her son Liam, whose birth is imminent. And so I did!

Isn't it so cute? The patterned side is a snuggley flannel and the green polka-dot is a cotton, both available at Joann's.
Now, the truly great thing about this blanket is in the size and materials. It measures about a yard square, which makes it the perfect size for swaddling newborns (I always find that anything smaller is hard to tuck in). And it is still big enough to wrap Olivia up at four months and keep her cozy. Because it isn't too thick, it doesn't take up much space when folded, making it easy to transport (I take it anywhere she goes). And the best part is that the cotton side helps regulate temperature. That means it keeps any baby warm, but not too warm. Which is especially perfect for say, babies born in the summer. Most other materials would make a baby too hot when it's also hot outside. But this blanket allows Olivia to be all cuddled up like she likes to be, without getting uncomfortably hot.

Why the pitch? you might ask. Well, I plan on making these available in my (pending) Etsy shop very soon. Getting Liam's done reminded me how awesome they are and I want to share them with the world. If you are interested in commissioning a custom order for a special baby in your life, feel free to comment on this post or contact me directly.They will be delivered to you all prettily wrapped up and tied with a bow, like so:

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  1. I LOVE this so much! And it's funny he was born the day after this post :) Thank you so much for making it, as soon as you get your stuff of Etsy I will be promoting the crap out of it :)


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