Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The One With the Fourth of July

We had a lovely fourth of July celebrating with a barbeque at our friends Stephanie and Ryland's. Ryland's mom - who is a reader (Hi, Ellen!) - came over as well and got to meet Olivia. And, of course, Mallory and her sisters and niece Addie were also there. (You've heard of them before. Especially Addie. She's mentioned  here, here and here.)

I made a little cake with a patriotic banner. And we had mango salsa, salad, brauts and passion lemonade (I'll post the how-to later).
Despite all the cake-decorating that's been going on lately, I wanted to go for a simple cake with a little surprise inside. 
Addie loved feeding some to Ellie. She thinks Ellie is a baby that needs lots of assistance. Ellie doesn't normally think so, but she was eager for some cake anyway. 
Ryland was the master chef at the miniature barbey.
Here's the whole family dressed up in red, white and blue. 
And me and Mallory (read about her adventures here). Somehow we always seem to end up with these glowly, ethereal photos. I like them.
And Steve with our wonderful hosts, Steph and Ryland.
How was your Independence Day?


  1. Cute post! I really do love that pic of us, ethereal glow and all! And what is Olivia so interested in?

  2. You look so beautiful in the pic of you and the family! And great cake idea, that looked so good. I am really doubting right now how I am going to deal with two babies when Tom returns to work, and here you are making awesome cakes and crafts. I do not know how you have the time :)


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