Friday, September 23, 2011

The One With the Portland Photo Safari

Apparently, this whole week is birthday-related posts. On Monday, I'll share a present I made for Mallory but today I want to share a present someone else gave her. Mallory's mom bought both of us spots on Jennifer Costello's Portland Photo Safari with a deal from Livingsocial. It was so much fun!

Jennifer is a local photographer who teaches these photo safaris every week to help budding/aspiring photographers. She begins with a lesson on how to use your camera and offers tips on posing, lighting, etc. After the lesson we all walked around downtown to take pictures and practice using the techniques she had just taught us. She gave us assignments with things to try and capture and then answered any questions we might have had.

Now I don't really consider myself very good at still life photography (pictures of things). I'd much rather capture people or events. But it was still good practice and I was pretty happy with some of the pictures I came away with and super excited about the things I learned and want to put into more practice.

So far as a photographer I have been having to rely a lot on Photoshop to fix what I can't control in my picture-taking. I know this is a really bad thing to do, so I was really relieved that Jennifer helped me learn to control the actual picture instead of relying on Photoshop to fix it. All of these images are SOOC (straight out of camera), except that I sharpened them and downsized them for optimal viewing on this post:

My safari buddy, Mallory!
Getting a new angle: ordinary objects
become much more interesting
when you take a different perspective
Capturing texture: Leaves in the grass. I was
almost laying on the ground to get this shot.
Capturing highlights on a water fountain
Working with white balance: detail of the fountain statue
Not getting the white balance quite right, but I still like this shot.
Playing with depth of field: Flowers
Capturing texture and pattern
So are these the world's greatest shots? Certainly not. But I did think some of them turned out kind of cool. And I'm looking forward to getting more practice! 

P.S. See Mallory's pictures from the day here

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