Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The One With the Mood Board

It is surprisingly difficult to take pictures of mood boards. Well, good pictures, at least.

But anyway...

One of my favorite bloggers is Nicole from Making it Lovely. A few weeks back she did a post on decorator Holly Becker. Holly's main idea is that you should create a mood board to guide your decorating process. Well, I'm not really redecorating, or even decorating, anything at this point. But I thought it would be fun to make a mood board just of colors and ideas. I am mostly in the collection phase of decorating, but I want to know that the things I collect will have long-term use in my someday house.

Unlike Holly's, my mood board didn't have any fabric or anything on it. Just paper products I've collected that represent ideas I like. Followed by some photos I've pinned (via Pinterest) with inspiration on how to actually incorporate these ideas into a home.

1. Black and White: I really love black and white - it's boldness, it's simplicity. I think it is sophisticated and pretty and a good background because you can easily change what's on top. And I really love black and white photography and it's timelessness.
Black bed: sleek and beautiful. Via.

White and black kitchen. Via.
2. Pops of color: blue! I just think it adds so much fun to my otherwise black and white world...
<3 Blue Kitchenaid. Via unknown, probably a Kitchenaid ad.
<3 Antiqued blue finish. Via unknown, probably an Anthropologie ad.
 3. Pops of color: Pink and taupe/ivory or pink and grey. Also known as, "the grown-up way to do pink." I could have a pink office/craft room for sure. But I'll have to get the ok from Steve for the rest, of course...
Pink office. Via.
Romantic pink, taupe, ivory. Via.
Less girly. More fun. Via.
4. Light! I couldn't really put that on my mood board... but light is so very important to me. Lots and lots and lots of it. Warm and yellow light. Bright and white light. Drizzly and grey and cozy light. (I do, after all, live in Portland. You have to learn to embrace the drizzly and grey and cozy form that light comes in.)
Dream kitchen. For sure. I think if I had this kitchen I wouldn't need any other part
of the house. I'd just curl up on that counter with a pillow at bedtime. Via.

Romantic lighting. Via.
5. Sleek lines. They are a must to me. I love the boldness of clutter-free strong lines.
Plain and simple. Yet so pretty. Via.
Well-organized, sleek bookshelves are my fave.

6. Form and function. I absolutely love two-in-one space saving solutions. I don't actually want a big house (square footage-wise). I want a simple house with lots of functionality. And light. And no clutter.
Dining room/library? Possibly my favorite idea to date. Via.
Hidden hallway laundry room. Yes, please! Via.
7. Bold and simple art. Although I am collecting for a gallery wall, I mostly want to have simple, bold art, like the vintage travel posters I've been collecting. Well done graphic art is so appealing to me.
Pretty words and pretty colors. Via.
So there you have a long post of things you could have seen if you follow me on Pinterest. I just thought it would be fun to put these ideas down in a semi-permanent, virtual way.

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