Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The One With the Nightscapes

Nightscapes. Is that a word? Spell check says no.
O well. A few weeks ago I posted about going on a Portland Photo Tour to Saturday Market (see pictures here, here, and here).
Well, Mallory and I went on another photo tour to try our hands at taking pictures of the Portland skyline at night. It was so. much. fun. Check out our Collaborated Collection:

These are called our Collaborated Collection because we were both using one camera and tripod. But that's ok, because as it turns out, you mostly increase your shutter speed to lengths like 30 seconds to get these shots. Therefore, there's plenty of time for everyone to practice everything.

We were practically giddy over taking these. Call us nerds, but there are few things we enjoy more than learning how to take super sweet pictures. That, combined with the fact that we were pretty cold, and that it was getting late, led to some pretty silly moments. And therefore some strange pictures. Like the one below. I had set up our little tripod and camera to take this cool shot of the water. And then we got distracted and Mallory picked up the camera amidst a cry of, "Hey! That was taking a picture!" Here is the super artistic picture that resulted. I think it's museum quality.
Anyway, you can see even more of our collected works in Mallory's post about the subject. It was definitely fun. And we may have some pretty crazy plans to go back this summer (when it's warmer) and try to take some more. Yep, we're awesome like that.

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