Friday, June 15, 2012

The One WIth Liam's First Year Photo Shoot

This little kiddo, my nephew Liam, is such fun. He's grown quite a bit since last year. He's such a baby. And such a boy. And by that, I mean that he has perfected baby things. Like leg rolls. And giddy smiles. And enthusiasm for regular things. And eating sticks. Especially eating sticks.

He's such a little cutie pie.
His big brother Cyril also wanted some camera time. He was being such a ham. 
And Cyril and Ellie found a wagon and pulled it all around in the mud. Why? Because that's what kids do best. See the thing adults wouldn't do and do it all-out for no reason.
We kept trying to take pictures outside when it wasn't raining, but as luck would have it, it started raining just about the second we got outside. Fortunately the babies were all troopers and did pretty well getting muddy and rained on. And Emily was pretty awesome and carried that chair out in the mud (and then back in the rain). It was a fun day. 


  1. Goodness Liam is a cute kid! I can't believe how big Cyril is either! I love the chair! Props to Emily for lugging it outside in typical Oregon weather.

  2. I just love them! Thank you, thank you, thank you! :) Perfect work as always. And thanks Mallory! They both are just growing up so fast.


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