Thursday, January 20, 2011

Look What Came In the Mail Today...

After much delay thanks to the wonderful postal system of the United States, I finally received my long-awaited package from Rkdsign88 on
In a few weeks we will be moving Ellie to a new room so that her old room can become the nursery for the new baby. A while ago I was looking around on Etsy and found the most adorable art for Ellie's new room.
It arrived in the loveliest of packaging, which made me feel o so special.

I ordered 5 prints and received one bonus one thanks to Rita.

This print is the main reason I ordered them. It is so perfectly Ellie - she is literally reading her books all the time. And of course it's perfect because her bedroom is already decorated in these colors. Could it be any better? Probably not...

This print is the first one I saw that attracted me to her work. I really like elephants. And cute little girls playing with them.
Steve gave his input and insisted this mother-daughter print be included in the order. I was definitely okay with it.

I was a mini-ballerina when I was young and perhaps Ellie will be one, too.

And we live in Portland so anything with rain is sentimental to me.

Those were the 5 I ordered and I received this as a bonus. I just love it - especially because Ellie will be getting a little sister here soon. And sisters are wonderful.

This bookmark was also a bonus gift. I can't wait to give it to Ellie when she's into chapter books someday.

I will be framing these in plain white frames from Ikea and putting them in Ellie's new room. I'll show you pictures when her new room is all ready.

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