Saturday, January 22, 2011

The One With the Year in Review (2010)

Well, it is officially January 22nd. Does that make it too late for a Year in Review post? Probably. But I didn't get to it sooner, so... better late than never, right?
Looking over my favorite pictures from 2010 I pulled about a hundred that I just loved. But I tried to pare them down to my absolute favorites. This year I got my Canon EOS Xsi and have loved it! I'm not great at photography, but I do enjoy capturing these moments, especially as Ellie is growing up. So, here are a few of my most treasured photographs from 2010.

Before I had my own Canon, I borrowed one and went a little crazy. I love Ellie's expression in this picture, back when she was only 4 months old. Look at how bald she is! (Not that she's got a whole lot more hair now.)
Her baby blues again. I just can't get enough of them.
My sisters and mom came to visit for my birthday in February.
At the park on a sunny day. (Five months old.)
I love the cherry blossom trees at the University of Portland and will miss them every spring.
Ellie became much more photogenic when she could sit up.
We took a beach trip to Newport, Oregon, in March.
Ellie at Easter. (7 months old.)
Pub crawl 2010. Finishing our senior year at the University of Portland with celebration and sadness - Cara and Kaycie headed off to distant lands after graduation. Well, Texas and Louisiana aren't that far away.
We graduated!
Ellie and her great-grandmother Ellie.
Kaycie and Erich got married in June! It was a lovely wedding. Congrats, Metzelaars! Read more about that here.
I was matron of honor and Ellie was the flower girl. Who had to be carried by Steve down the aisle.
Ellie and I went to visit Mallory's neice, Addison. They had some fun in the pool. Here, Ellie is giving Addie some love.
One of my favorite favorites. I will always loves this picture.
Ellie's infamous scrunch nose phase lasted for a few months.
Family portrait.
Ellie in the bath. More of those big beautiful eyes.
Steve and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary with drinks at a rooftop bar in downtown Portland. It was beautiful.
Ellie turned a whole year old in September. We celebrated with a lot of cake and presents. Read more about that here.
Ellie's grandma came to visit for her birthday!
Birthday girls!
We went to the Pumpkin Patch.

Ellie was a bumble bee for Halloween.
Ellie's autumn portraits were so much fun. See them all here.
Ellie screaming with excitement because she just loves life so much.
My family came to visit for Thanksgiving.
Ellie had her first romp in the snow. She loved it!
Ellie loves our new house! She especially loves the window overlooking the street where she can observe the neighbors passing by.
And that's that. 2010 was a wonderful year full of amazing memories. It will certainly be a year I'll never forget.

A special thanks to Allison Able for letting me borrow her camera before I got mine, and also to Steve W, Mallory P, Joanna C, Tammy F, Erich M and Valerie P for taking the pictures I'm in. <3 you all!


  1. It has been such an amazing year with you! You and Ellie have made my life so awesome this past year. I'm looming forward to another one!

    - Your lucky husband

  2. you make me smile! i love you Michelle!


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