Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Other One With Jaci's Graduation

My beautiful sister, Jaci, graduated this past weekend. We had a wonderful time visiting my family in Idaho and celebrating with lots of yummy food (and a chocolate fountain!) and family and friends from all over. 

I was able to snap a few photos during her party.

My mom and Jaci.
 Filler girls (minus my sister, Candace, who had to work).

 She's so pretty, right? And check out Olivia's chubby legs. Only time in her life that will be cute.

Jaci's blond hair is so beautiful that it makes me want to try it. I haven't been blond since before Jr. High, but those golden curls are just fabulous. We'll see... 

But first, cake class tonight! Hopefully we'll make something cool enough to show you.

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