Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The One With the Baby Snoopy Costume

I posted the girls' Halloween costumes earlier, but I wanted to show another view of Olivia's Snoopy costume. This costume is such a simple DIY project and costs so little. So if you're interested in creating your own Peanuts gang, here's how to:

I used:
  • Aviator hat (Olivia's is from the Build-A-Bear Workshop, because she's as tiny as a teddy bear) - $7
  • Red scarf (came with the hat)
  • White sleeper (already owned)
  • Black felt for ears, spot and tail - $2
  • Woodstock that plays the Peanuts theme song - $5
Total: $14

Cut out a circle (5 inch diameter) for the spot and stitch it onto the sleeper. Cut out two tail pieces and sew them to each other for dimension, leaving about half an inch at the base unstitched so you can spread it and stitch it onto the sleeper. Cut out ear shapes and stitch them onto the aviator hat. For all of the stitching I used black thread. Don't worry about making it perfect - it only has to last a few hours (and in the end you can take out the stitching and you have your sleeper back).
Use liquid eyeliner of black face paint to make a little nose on your baby Snoopy. To prevent your child from strangling him or herself with the scarf, use a safety pin to keep it in place so it can't tighten. And always  keep an eye on your baby while they're in costume.

Ellie was dressed as Sally Brown. In fact, she started the whole thing by having Sally-esque hair that flips out in the back.
  • Blue dress (Pumpkin Patch) - $17
  • Blue socks (Target) - $1
  • Black shoes (already owned, from Payless)
Total: $18

We used a ton of hairspray to try and curl Ellie's bangs in the front to look like Sally's. They held up for about five minutes, just long enough to get some pictures.
The best part is that all of these costume pieces (well, except the hat and scarf, I suppose), are reusable as regular clothes. I like that part a lot!

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