Thursday, January 5, 2012

The First One With the Restrospective Christmas Craft: Tree-rific Table Runner

So since I missed a couple of Christmas-related posts due to being sick, roadtripping and moving, I thought I'd share them now. Better late than never, right? That's my philosophy this year since I also just sent out our Christmas cards. Yay for me. But at least this way you can keep all these fabulous ideas in mind for next year. Hehe.
Also, do you like my clever name for this table runner? It's tree-rific, don' you think?

You may have noticed that I have an obsession with trees, especially around Christmas time. So when I saw this Christmas tree fabric at Joann's, I knew that I had to get it and do something with it. Mallory and her sister Hailey had made some adorable table runners that I saw at their house so I asked her for the inspiration and she sent me this link to Tricky Tablerunner by Laura over at Spool. I made one for my mother-in-law's Christmas present. And I still have some left over fabric that will someday be turned into another variation of this table runner for someone else. I'll just go ahead and add it to the ever-mounting pile of "to-dos". Anyway... I do think it turned out pretty well. I staged it with my paper trees from last year's Christmas decor and some LED candles... because actual candles, when combine with grabby babies, have ruined my table runners in the past. :-(

This is a really simple sewing craft if you're looking for a beginner's project, especially one to give as a gift. You can simplify it from the original by omitting the border and binding. Instead, make your top layer and cut your backing fabric to be the same size. Put your two sides face together and sew around three edges. Sew all but a few inches of the fourth side, clip your corners so that they'll lay nicely, and turn your fabrics right side out. Sew up the remaining few inches and you're done! Of course, this doesn't have to be limited to Christmas. Any fabrics could be used for any occasion. I think I need to make a spring themed one and hopefully convince some warmer weather to come our way. Our table is looking a little bare in our new house.

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