Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The One With the Bangsund Boys

Way back before Christmas and roadtripping and moving, I took pictures of my friend Amy's boys. We used to be neighbors and I definitely miss having this awesome family across the street from us.

They are pretty fun boys and we got some fun pictures that day.
They weren't being the most cooperative at first, so I just kind of followed everyone around with a camera. Amy read a story to her boys and my girls on the couch. She's good at reading stories and all the children were entranced.
After a soothing story, everyone felt more cooperative.
This is definitely one of my favorites:
These boys are a little crazy, as is demonstrated by this next picture, which they requested be taken.
Anyway, you can see more about Amy and her sweet family and their adventures on her blog. Sorry, Amy, that these took so long to get processed!

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  1. I feel famous. And I like you. No apologies necessary. :-)


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