Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The One With the Vintage Necklace

Allison and I went on an antique hunt the other day. We didn't score any big items, but I found a bunch of jewelry I just love. Notice a pink theme? Yeah...
I found this little beauty for only three bucks. Pretty sweet. Except some of the beads were frayed.
It wasn't anything a little trimming with scissors couldn't fix. And I thought I'd add a little bow for something special. And because I feel like it gives me an excuse to to wear my hear up (like I always do anyway - at least now I have a reason).
I just used a little scrap of ribbon I had been saving in the craft supplies. Since I'm planning on using this bow multiple times, I wanted to make sure the ends didn't fray. So I melted the edges very carefully with a lit candle and voila! Mission accomplished. The ends won't fray and it didn't cost my anything in anti-fray glue or whatever.

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