Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Other One With the Grown Up Girl's Bedroom: Neutral and Woodsy

On Tuesday I posted the moodboard for Allison's new Grown Up Girl's bedroom that I thought most reflected her style and design elements she had already chosen. But as I was collecting things for that board I may have pinned a few that ended up turning into a whole other scheme based on the Cherry Blossom Duvet from Pottery Barn. This one is a bit more neutral and light, which is the way I would lean. I may need some of these things for our room even if we don't have that duvet cover. Well, except that we have a totally different look going on in there. More on that later.

Anyway, I can't help it. I love this idea for a bedroom. Really. A lot. So here goes:

For a more muted, neutral look, I would pick up on the softer colors in the bedding: the beige, pink and soft yellows and greens. I would accentuate the browns in the bedding with some beige/light brown sheets to bring out the woody tones. I am absolutely in love with that carved wood side table. It is so intricate and beautiful, yet understated. And wouldn't it look great with a pink retro phone on top? Maybe a mustard colored bird votive as well? I like the idea of some stronger greens to bring some calmness to the room, as in the lime chair next to that bronze floor lamp. I'd bring in some texture with the striped green and woven glasscloth pillows.  And on the wall I would stick to colored photographs, but only those that are very simple and bold, and stay in my color scheme, with browns and yellows and greens. I would frame these in brown wood or metallic frames. And for a little sparkle I'd put a mosaic mirror up as well.

I really love the mix of rustic, woodsy and sophisticated that I think this look offers. It is the perfect harmony of urban and earthy. Girly and plain. I'm all about harmony.

  1. Cherry Blossom Organic Duvet from Pottery Barn
  2. Gaspa Sheet Set in Beige from Ikea
  3. Sunshine Bird Votive Candle Holder from Urban Outfitters
  4. London 8 and Yellow House Prints from MKC Photography on Etsy
  5. Retro Pink Princess Phone from Crosley Radio
  6. Carved Wood Side Table from West Elm
  7. Gilded-Grasscloth Pillow from West Elm
  8. Sailor Square Pillow in Olive from 2modern
  9. Mosaic Wall Mirror from Urban Outfitters
  10. Pharmacy Floor Lamp in Bronze from Target
  11. Madeline Chair in Lime from Urban Outfitters
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