Monday, January 16, 2012

The One With Ellie's First Haircut

Ellie had her first haircut yesterday. It took two and one third years for her to grow out enough scraggly hairs that they actually had to be cut. Mostly it was just a trim to try and control some of the craziness. But it was big day, nonetheless. She sat in the big kid's chair and everything.
 She was pretty excited, as you can tell.
This was literally her expression the entire time. That's my baby.
All done!
Sporting her new look alongside Daddy, who also got a haircut.
And now I feel like paparazzi, having officially taken too many photos of my kid's first haircut.

Should I be welling up? Every time I said we were going to do this, people would ask me if I was going to cry. The truth is,watching her grow up is so much fun that it doesn't leave me time to be sad she isn't a baby anymore. I get excited for every milestone and every new sentence and every new bit of her personality that emerges. The present and future are far too wonderful for me to be sad about leaving behind the past, at least so far.

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